So Not Helpful

The first thing that came to mind when thinking about something that simply didn’t work for me, I thought of this one piece of paper that I keep in a basket in the kitchen.  I got the paper from my daughter’s pediatrician at her 4 month appointment. It’s a “Guide to Solid Foods” and it’s really, really lousy.  It’s printed in all black ink with no graphics.  It’s been copied no less than 100 times and the information it contains is the absolute bare minimum that a parent would need to start feeding their infant solid foods.  The guide left me wanting for so much more. It was so not helpful.  I find myself having to reference it time and time again because none of the information ever stands out in my mind.  It was disappointing that one of the most trusted resources for parents (the pediatrician) hands out such a lack luster document on such an important topic.

I think this hand-out might be something I could re-work into an engaging and interactive resource.  I think there are several options of stories that could be woven into the content.  I’ve already got my main character – a baby!  I also think there could be a lot of ways to compile information about the solid foods to try, how to cook them, how much a baby needs to eat, etc.  This could be a really good subject for my final assignment and hey, maybe I’ll let the pediatrician take a look at it.


4 thoughts on “So Not Helpful

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  2. How wonderful! if you can make it as an Open Online Resource then anybody in the world could benefit from it. I love the idea because it is something important to you that may be of use to so many others. I look forward seeing what develops and if you do decide to use this as your project and have it open, I also look forward to refer my sister in law to it – she has been struggling with the same thing!

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