Week 1 Summary

This was an interesting week in DS106! It was a little overwhelming at first but once I organized my tasks into a nerdy little spreadsheet/checklist I was good to go.

I enjoyed think about the elements of stories this week and having the opportunity to share my thoughts on the topic.  I got my feet under me in WordPress by setting up my blog and writing my first post. The title of my blog is TBD but I’m sure I’ll come up with something good soon.  BCodelson will have to do for now.

I explored how the story of the star bellied sneetches lines up with Kurt Vonnegut, Pixar, and Kenn Adams’ ideas about the shapes of stories.

Seeing Ira Glass’s describe the building blocks of a story was pretty great and not just because I got to see and not just hear him for the first time.  Andrew Stanton of Pixar also had some words about stories and wonder that really resonated with me.  I got to talk about my love for NPR’s, The Moth, while discussing my ideas about what is a story.

Finally, I identified a particularly un-helpful item in my everyday life that could benefit from a digital story telling makeover.

This week was extremely interesting. I’m looking forward to what week 2 will bring!


3 thoughts on “Week 1 Summary

  1. That’s a pretty epic first week’s work – you should be pleased with that! Best thing is that you have clearly got into the habit and spirit of blogging – I hope you are finding the discipline of sitting down and writing posts beneficial?

    • Thanks. Yes, the discipline of writing posts is very beneficial. I love writing and appreciate having something to write about. It also helps me pick my head up out of the day-to-day grind to really be thoughtful. I need the practice!

  2. You’ve done well this week to take on what will be an unfolding experience, and getting an early start on the work or getting it organized is an excellent strategy (hope other students see this!)

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