Tax Season

I think I found something else in need of storification.

My husband and I have an appointment to do our taxes tomorrow.  Ugh.  It seems like every year there is more ‘stuff’ to add to the list of documents we have to sift through.  Buying a house and having a baby certainly don’t help you streamline the process.

In looking through our tax documents, a lot of them come with a sort of ‘instructions’ page.  How nice of my bank to send instructions along with my 1099-INT statement! But seriously, they’re really hard to follow.  You have to read through each line to pick out the action items, which may or may not apply to you. Here’s what the form looks like:

1099-INT instructions

1099-INT instructions

I understand it’s probably the best we can expect to come out of the IRS (no offense!) but when most taxpayers have an iPhone (or other smart, touch phone) it’s safe to assume they’re expecting something a little more intuitive and user friendly.  I’m imagining a website or an app that allows you to enter your story of the year, and then it spits out customized tax instructions along with tips and tricks.  Doing your taxes is a really personal task and it makes you reflect on the year you’ve had and helps you plan for the year ahead.  I think someone could really capitalize on this reflection and make people excited about interested in filing their taxes.


One thought on “Tax Season

  1. Could anything be more in need of making more interesting than doing taxes? One way to thank about the project version is reather than saying, how can we turn the whole process into a story, but maybe how can a story at least better prepare people for the ordeal? Or perhaps story that contrasts two different story paths that happen to a character depending on the attitude they ahve. Or what about a movie trailer for a 1099 form. Or…

    Anyhow its definitely tip.

    I will say I have used the online version of Turbotax, and while not a story, it is almost a fun experience (especially when it tells you of a refund).

    And this reminds me,,, I better get started!

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