I Also Cheat at Apples to Apples

So I played the five card flicker game.  You can read my story here. I have to say, I was not a huge fan of the game.  I guess it’s cheating a little but I had to start over 5-6 times before I got images that I liked. It wasn’t even so much about whether or not I could connect them in a story line, but I really just wanted to find images that I found aesthetically pleasing.  Is that cheating?

(It reminded me of how I usually have to cheat when I play the game Apples to Apples and I still don’t win.  I usually sneak extra cards into my hand to see if I’ll come up with better, more winning options.  It never works.)

As for the story I came up with — it’s a little weak, I know.  I tried to give it a storyspine format.  I didn’t have too much trouble connecting the images since I could go in any direction of my choosing!





5 thoughts on “I Also Cheat at Apples to Apples

  1. It’s not cheating all, in fact it is a well worn strategy. If there is no good starting photo, how can you tell out a good story?

    You did a nice job finding a connective thread through these, but I’d agree with what you said, a bit more of attention to the elements of the spine would have made it better. Who is the woman? What is her every day life? What was the event that triggered her trip home? What did she (or we) learn from this experience.

    Also, I wanted to have you try copying the story HTML code to put it directly into your blog post here- people are less likely to go elsewhere to read the story if it is a click away.

    And I am wanting to hear of what the exercise of making a story out of photos, especially ones you do not have a full choice on, meant to you, even if nothing. If the photos are not telling a story on their own, can you make it more interesting with the story you create to connect them?

    • I agree that if there is no good starting photo it would be difficult to determine a setting, plot, climatic point in the story, etc. However, I saw this game as a way to force my imagination to take off! I used what was provided initially and went with it. Although I had to stretch the story a bit to “make things fit” the end result can be something extraordinary, or something out of “right-field” ya know? When this is the case, the element of suspense may intensify, which can capture the audience much better.

      • Good point, sometimes you just have to stick with it and after some hard work you can come up with something great. I’ll have to remember this for next time.

  2. I like your honesty about cheating at apples to apples. I faced a similar situation when creating my story where I had to restart a few times before I was satisfied. I appreciate Cog Dog’s recognition that you need to start with a solid foundation first before launching into something. It is a similar approach to what we’re doing with our final projects. Before we commit to a definite idea, we come up with several possibilities to help us narrow down the choices.

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