Trail Runner

Here’s another idea of something that would benefit from a little storification; information about running trails in Arlington.  My husband and I are big runners and when we first moved to the area we had trouble finding a single resource for trail information or one good map.   There are a few bike maps that publish information about the trails, but they are usually done at such a high level you don’t see all the tiny, street-side entrances that the only the folks in the neighborhood know about.  Really specific trail information is best found by word of mouth or trial and error.  I remember I found a cool new way to enter the Custis Trail while on a run club run, only to spend 30 minutes getting lost trying to find it again by myself.  I wonder if a resource where runners share information about their runs, and the trails they use, other’s would benefit from each other’s information.


2 thoughts on “Trail Runner

  1. Good job on identifying the problem, one of perhaps of information perhaps needing detail at a finer scale. There are web sites and apps that do what you describe- my question is where does a story fit into it? Who are the characters?

    I think there is something that could be done in terms of a way of representing or introducing the details of the trail that only a runner who regularly uses the trail could relate. Who is that runner? What happens to them having (or not having) this information?

    • Those are great points. I think the characters are the runners in the area and that maybe it’s that each runner has a their own story; their trail, the time of day that they run it, why they run it, etc. The information they share about their story could be helpful to someone who can relate on one of those levels. Maybe it’s the people who have to train for marathons at 5 am have a certain trail that’s perfect for early, long runs, and that info would be helpful for a marathon runner new to the area. Lots of ideas. Lots to think about!

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