Week 3 Summary

When the announcement came out for this week’s content, I was pretty jazzed. I got a digital SLR camera for Christmas this year and I love playing with it and trying to learn how to make great photos.  in fact, I struggled with some of the assignments because my “startup disk” is full so programs kept shutting down on me!!)  Lucky for my the camera does a lot of the work but I know there is so much to learn!  I’ve definitely got the tips on how to be a better photographer bookmarked on my computer!  This week’s content has given me some tools to be a better photographer but has also inspired me to be a little more thoughtful about the story I want to tell when I take or share a photo.

I got to play with my coveted DSLR camera for the photoblitz assignment but I had a little trouble being creative with the 5 Card Flickr game.  I clearly had a favorite when it came to these two.

I did two assignments this week from the visual assignment bank.  I was intimidated by both but found some cool online tools and realized that they weren’t as complicated as I thought they were going to be.  It’s really true that “the answer lies in the Google.” A few quick searches and one YouTube video later I’m a photo editing pro.  I was able to give the Thomas Jefferson memorial a new home and told the story of a 10 year military career with one color splash.

Lastly, I came up with another idea for something that could benefit from a little storification, the Arlington trail information.

This was a great week of content and work and although it took me a while to get it done I am so glad that I did.



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