A Missed Connection

In one of my many first jobs out of college, I worked in a local jewelry store in a resort town. During the off-season, the days were painfully slow and I often kept myself entertained by checking out the missed connections section of Craigslist.  It’s a pretty interesting little corner of the internet, full of hopeful people wishing to connect with someone they only saw or barely met.  I found it best described as “an enormous anonymous echo chamber” by a writer for the New York Times.

Whilst perusing the missed connections section this week for a suitable piece for my DS106 audio assignment, I got curious about the whole concept of the site.  How many people are looking for others? Where are these connections being missed? Do any of these posts result in successful romances??  Obviously I had to google it.

I found this infographic about where missed connections are happening, nationally and who is posting about them.

Source: Psychology Today

Source: Psychology Today

As noted in the infographic, I found a lot of missed connections on the metro in the DC Metro area. (And for single friends that live in the South – Make fast to WALMART!!!)  I couldn’t find any evidence or statistics about the success of these missed connections but that’s not part of this assignment anyway.  I digress!

So I found a pretty great missed connection posting and I read it, enhanced it with some additional audio, and embedded it here for your enjoyment.  Since the missed connection takes place on the metro, I included audio of a train pulling into the station.  I also added a layer of skeevy background music for effect.  My microphone audio is less than ideal, but I unfortunately don’t have the tools   For the full text of the missed connection, see below.


I saw you this morning on the orange line metro (towards largo/new carrollton), you were beautiful. I got on at Dunn Loring and you were already on. You had red tinted hair and a tealish bag. You were short and fit. 

I never do this and I’m sure you’ll never see this but I wish I had said something.

Tell me what stop you got off at if you see this.




2 thoughts on “A Missed Connection

  1. I love your Missed Connections audio! The background noise is perfect with setting the stage. The tone you read the posting with has an interesting mix of seriousness and cheesiness. I could picture this poor guy on the train beating himself up because he didn’t say anything.

  2. I agree with L.Ro! The choice is good, and this is one of those examples where the story leaves us wondering what happens, rather then telling it from start to finish (maybe a future assignment will be to do a sequel to someone else’s story).

    Learning how to get good audio levels makes or breaks the effort. You might want to check your computer’s sound control panel, and see if you can raise the input levels for your device. There is also a slider to adjust input levels in Audacity (if that is what you used- please remember to tell us a bit more on the making). And sometimes you just have to get really close and kiss the mic 😉

    A really good effort for one of your first audio assignments.

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