Weeks 6 and 7 Summary

When I started this week’s content and assignments for DS106, while I really enjoyed the content, it was overshadowed by the fact that I was really nervous about having to edit video.  It seems like such a daunting, overwhelming task that requires a high attention to detail – not always my strong suit. I’d never used the software on my computer and I was really concerned that my Mac was going to quit on me.  It’s seen better days and I’ve really pushed to to it’s limits uploading enormous photo files from my DSLR camera.  It might be time to start storing my media in the cloud (anyone have suggestions?)

In the beginning of the week we spent time learning and thinking about the techniques of film making that impact film stories.  I dissected two film clips by “reading” them in the way that Roger Ebert describes.  This helped me better understand that the craft of film making is really incredibly purposeful and the tiniest of angles can have a big impact on a scene.

Next, I did the “Look, Listen, Analyze” assignment using a Dumb and Dumber clip.  I never knew Dumb and Dumber was so smart!  I analyzed the scene and audio techniques used in the film.  Separating the audio and the visual made me realize how critical it was to put the two together to make the comedy work.

Up next, the real deal of editing audio and video.  I locked myself in the home office for a few hours, watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials and was able to come up with a decent product for the Foley assignment.

Once I was in the groove of iMovie, the next two assignments were a snap. (Well, that’s an exaggeration, but they sure went a lot more smoothly.)  I chose to do the video assignments, “The Music-less Music Video” and “Play by Play“.   You can view my music-less music video here (although, fair warning, I couldn’t help adding some music back in.) And for the Play by Play video, you’ll get to see some sweet baby cute-ness here.

Whew! It was a whirlwind!  I learned a lot and now feel prepared to create my final project.  I’ve now got some techniques and tools up my sleeve that will help me tell the story of — well, I’ve got to figure that part out.


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