No Bellas (aka The Post I Forgot to Name)

This week I chose to do the video assignment called the Music-less Music video.  The goal: to remove the music in a music video and replace it with other sounds.  I’m totally obsessed with the movie Pitch Perfect so I decided to take the finale scene from the film as my music video.  Here’s the original clip:

This is where the Barden Bellas totally crush it to win the Aca-pella (sp?) finals.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s pretty awesome.  That’s besides the point.

I downloaded the clip to my machine and loaded it to iMovie.  I trimmed the clip to end at the part where Anna Kendrick’s character raises her arm in the air.  It was a nearly four minute clip so I thought I’d spare my audience a little time.  I then spent about 30 min. playing around with the sounds that are pre-loaded into iMovie.  They have a lot of sounds you can add to projects; songs, booms, foley sounds, digital ‘noises’ — all kinds of things. And, as I’ve mentioned before, iMovie is easy to use, just drag and drop and slide.  I found some sounds that match well with the video, and I found others that had more of a funny effect.  For example, at about 31 sec. I added some digital sounds to the part where one of the girls is beat boxing.  Another example is at about 1:21 I added footsteps to the section where the girls are all stepping in motion.  It was kind of funny here to add foley sounds where foley sounds shouldn’t be.  In the film you’re supposed to be focused on the singing, so any ordinary sounds are completely cancelled out.  Adding those sounds back in felt really wrong.  There are a few other places where I had some fun but I’ll leave it to you to figure out the rest! (Oh and sorry – I couldn’t help myself.  I had to add some music.)

Here’s a screen shot of my work:

Screen shot 2014-05-04 at 10.16.42 PM

And here’s the finished product:


Before You Can Walk

You have to crawl.  My daughter is learning to crawl and her daddy is away on military leave so I’ve been trying my best to capture the moment when she really gets it.  I’ve got tons of film of her almost crawling so I decided to put a little bit of it to good use for my DS 106 visual assignment, Play by Play.

Relative to the Foley assignment, this was a snap. I used iMovie again.  I uploaded my video clip and removed the original audio (which included lots of “you can do it”s).  I then used the in-program recording option to record my commentary.  I tried to keep the commentary light, but with a jokingly serious tone so it would come across as silly.  After all, learning to crawl is just sorta silly.  Luckily my subject doesn’t move too fast so I was able to keep up with the footage and record the audio in one take.  Then I went to the web to find some background audio that was light and fun to add to the clip.  “Somewhere Sunny (ver 2)” fit the bill so I dragged it into my clip.  I added an intro credit and an end credit using the in-program options.  iMovie was really easy to use!  I’d give more tips if I had them but I really just did a lot of dragging and dropping! The one key was, of course, to remove the original audio.  I did that by separating, then deleting it.  Here’s a shot of my work in progress:

Screen shot 2014-05-04 at 9.02.09 PM

So here you have it folks, never-before-seen footage of the 2014 Baby Crawl Championships.


It Was Only Just a Dream

So this week’s assignment was a doozey! Good thing I had a Saturday night free and a good glass of wine!  I won’t belabor the technical/computer issues I encountered because they are completely my own fault but I will give you the high-level overview of how this all went down and all the tools and media I used to complete the assignment.

First, I downloaded the Charlie Chaplin clip.

Next, I perused the foley samples of other DS106ers.  I have to say, my method was give a quick listen and practically choose at random.  My thought: Make the video/audio and decide what the story is when it’s done.

Here are the clips I chose:

Next – putting it all together.  Once my iMovie completed it’s 1hr. of updates (since I never use it) I was ready to go. Well, once I was able to swallow that small lump of panic in my throat that arose when I realized I had NO idea what I was doing.  Thank goodness for YouTube and  other tutorials!  Once I inserted the audio tracks I gave a listen from start to finish.  Not too shabby!  There’s a point in the clip where the Charlie Chaplin character says, ” uh, am I dreaming? ” so I decided to make this into a dream sequence.  Charlie starts out being chased by a pony but once he enters the lion’s cage we hear the dream-like music (I added a track found here) come in and we realize that he’s in some sort of surreal dream state.  He encounters the lion, the tiger, the annoying dog, and the strange girl that wants him to escape. It’s all very confusing.  Since Charlie is in a dream, he doesn’t feel the panic to get out of the cage that a lucid person would feel.  Finally, the lion roars loudly enough to wake him from his dream state and we watch him run off into the distance – supposedly to wake up.

Here’s a screen shot of my work:

Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 11.14.00 PM

And, alas, the finished product: