Before You Can Walk

You have to crawl.  My daughter is learning to crawl and her daddy is away on military leave so I’ve been trying my best to capture the moment when she really gets it.  I’ve got tons of film of her almost crawling so I decided to put a little bit of it to good use for my DS 106 visual assignment, Play by Play.

Relative to the Foley assignment, this was a snap. I used iMovie again.  I uploaded my video clip and removed the original audio (which included lots of “you can do it”s).  I then used the in-program recording option to record my commentary.  I tried to keep the commentary light, but with a jokingly serious tone so it would come across as silly.  After all, learning to crawl is just sorta silly.  Luckily my subject doesn’t move too fast so I was able to keep up with the footage and record the audio in one take.  Then I went to the web to find some background audio that was light and fun to add to the clip.  “Somewhere Sunny (ver 2)” fit the bill so I dragged it into my clip.  I added an intro credit and an end credit using the in-program options.  iMovie was really easy to use!  I’d give more tips if I had them but I really just did a lot of dragging and dropping! The one key was, of course, to remove the original audio.  I did that by separating, then deleting it.  Here’s a shot of my work in progress:

Screen shot 2014-05-04 at 9.02.09 PM

So here you have it folks, never-before-seen footage of the 2014 Baby Crawl Championships.




I really enjoyed this assignment, to color splash a photo.  It was super simple in execution, so it made me think a little harder about the message I wanted to share through the use of the technique.  I used a website called Fotor to edit my image.  Before selecting my image, I went to the site to check out the tools and maybe play around with it. On the color splash section, there was a sample image of a bride and groom in black and white with the bride’s bouquet in a pop of color.  I was inspired – I’ll use a wedding photo!  At first I thought of doing something similar and highlighting my bouquet but I decided I could do a little better than that.  The photo I chose is of my husband’s jacket that is a part of his Army Dress Blue uniform.  It’s a gorgeous photo and in just a flash it captured 10 years worth of military accomplishments.  There are medals for completing Ranger School and Air Assault school, a Combat Action Badge for having served in combat, and various other medals earned at home or during his two tours overseas.  If you’re interested, you can take a look at some of the medals and what they mean here. This jacket tells the story of his entire military career and all the things he did in service to the United States.

Using the Fotor site was really easy.  I uploaded my image and it automatically turned the image to black and white and then I used a little tool to ‘rub off’ the black and white to expose color.  So easy to do but I think the result is powerful – at least to me anyway.  I feel that it draws well deserved attention to the hard earned medals from 10 years of service to our country.

Visual Assign 2


The NC-TJ-Memorial

I felt really intimidated by this assignment at first.  I’m not so good at photo or video editing software so while I was glad to get a little practice I was worried this assignment would take me a long time.  I used the Pixlr editor and after a few YouTube videos I had the hang of it.  The best trick I found was to open each image as an individual item in Pixlr, and then paste them all together.

I felt inspired by this week’s blooming of the Cherry Blossoms.  The base layer image here was taken last year on my iPhone while on a sunrise run down at the tidal basin.

Tidal Basin 2013

Tidal Basin 2013

The second image I used was from that same run – a shot of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial from across the way.  It had this really beautiful glow as the sun was coming up.  Surely old, TJ could use a new view!  I decided to see what it looked like floating in the basin so I pasted it in on top of the first image.  I used the lasso tool to select the memorial from the image, then I copy/pasted it onto the tidal basin layer.  I then used the eraser tool to clean up any rough edges.

T. Jefferson Memorial

T. Jefferson Memorial


The last photo I used is of the “Welcome to North Carolina” sign, found off of Hwy. 85 on the border of North Carolina and Virginia.  It’s my home state and I love get ridiculously excited whenever I see this sign. I wanted to show a little state pride!  I think Thomas Jefferson would appreciate the NC State flag waving from his memorial in the middle of the tidal basin….right?  This photo was taken on my daughter’s first trip down to North Carolina back in November.  I used the same process here to lift the flag from the sign as I did for the above image.

Welcome to North Carolina

Welcome to North Carolina


And the final result – kinda neat 🙂 Thomas Jefferson has a new view from across the tidal basin and he gets to show the world how much he loves North Carolina!

Visual Assign 1

TJ in the Basin Loves NC


A Codelson Photoblitz

This week was brutal at work but I finally made the time to do a little photo-blitzing on Friday afternoon.  The photos were taken at home during the precious 1 hour and 30 min. I get to spend with my daughter on weekdays between work and her bedtime.  You’ll see that she is the star of my photos and that my world clearly revolves around her.  I had taken a look at the list and written down a few ideas for some of the photos and thought I could wing the rest.  I was wrong – some of them were a lot harder than they looked! Also not sure I was at my creative best.  If my daughter isn’t in the photo she was riding along in my arms so I admit I was a bit distracted. Nonetheless it was a fun exercise to look at things differently in my own home.  Obviously, my favorite photo is the one that represents joy (my daughter smiling!) and my other favorite is the one that looks like her toys are talking to each other – that’s probably my most creative one.  I had lots of toys to choose from but I decided the doll and the circus monkey probably had the most to say 🙂

Here’s the original list of photos to take.  I scratched off the ones that I wasn’t able to get.  You can view the images in my gallery below.

  • Take a photo dominated by a single color.
  • Take a photo of an interesting shadow.
  • Take a photo of something futuristic.
  • Take a photo at an unusual angle, e.g. looking looking up at something or looking down at something, or from the view of an ant.
  • Take a photo into bright light.
  • Take a photo of someone else’s shoe or foot.
  • Make an inanimate object look alive.
  • Make a photo that uses converging lines to draw us into the photo
  • Take a photo of two things that do not belong together.
  • Take a photo that shows a repeating pattern.
  • Take a photo where you move the camera as you take the photo, so it gives the subject a suggestion of motion.
  • Take a photo that is looking through a frame or opening to something else.
  • Take a photo that represents joy.
  • Make a photo that is abstract, that would make someone ask, “Is that a photograph?”
  • Take a photo that represents a metaphor for complexity.

I Also Cheat at Apples to Apples

So I played the five card flicker game.  You can read my story here. I have to say, I was not a huge fan of the game.  I guess it’s cheating a little but I had to start over 5-6 times before I got images that I liked. It wasn’t even so much about whether or not I could connect them in a story line, but I really just wanted to find images that I found aesthetically pleasing.  Is that cheating?

(It reminded me of how I usually have to cheat when I play the game Apples to Apples and I still don’t win.  I usually sneak extra cards into my hand to see if I’ll come up with better, more winning options.  It never works.)

As for the story I came up with — it’s a little weak, I know.  I tried to give it a storyspine format.  I didn’t have too much trouble connecting the images since I could go in any direction of my choosing!