Food 101

Welcome to Food 101: A Nutrition Guide for New Parents.  Graduating from mother’s milk or formula is a huge milestone, and a huge responsibility as parents! We all want to make sure our babies are getting the nutrition they need to develop into strong healthy toddlers.  Food 101 was created for first time parents seeking practical, tactical advice on what, how, and when to feed their baby solid foods.  Most other programs offer information based on age but here, we focus on your child’s story – which may vary by age.  Is your child rolling over?  Sitting? Laughing, or crawling?  The things your child is doing indicates where they are developmentally and tells you what they’re ready for in terms of solid foods.  Here, you can match your child’s story to one of the stories below and make your feeding plan from there.  Click on the baby below that you think most closely matches your child and watch a brief video describing the baby’s developmental milestones and get some nutrition/feeding pointers.

*** Currently, the only active link is ‘The Crawler”***


The Newborn


The Roller


The Sitter

The Crawler

The Crawler


The Walker

We’ve also got a poster on display in pediatrician’s offices around the area.  This poster spreads the word about this great resource!  The poster is below and you can also link the the poster pdf.  Download the pdf. and keep it in your files.  The pdf contains hyperlinks that will be very useful to you as you plan meals for your child.

DS106 Final Project

Here’s a link to a PDF Document of our poster: Food101_Ds106

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